Travel information


1. Traveling to Paris
Paris has two main airports, which are well connected to the city center:
Airport Charles de Gaulle (sometimes referred to as "Roissy") in the north
Airport Orly in the south
See also the airport access website on (the provider of local transport in Paris). 
For European participants, there are several main train stations. If you travel with Thalys or Eurostar you will arrive at Gare du Nord
2. Meeting location
L2HM will take place near Luxembourg (RER station) at 29 rue d'Ulm, close to the Pantheon. 
Nearby Metro stations are Place Monge (line 7) and Cardinal Lemoine (line 10).
3. Getting around in Paris
Public transport is very affordable and covers most of the city. The provider is called ratp. Here is a detailed explanation of how to use public transport in Paris: 
For the stay within Paris, it might be recommended to either buy a batch of 10 single tickets (1 trip by bus/tram or metro, exchange within "transport type" possible) or a "Paris Visite" ticket that is valid for several days. 
Pricing information and other details can be found here:
Plans for bus and metro, either simplified or with streets are all available for download here: 
Next to (which only gives you metro/train connections) there is the possibility to plan trips on the ratp website and by using citymapper (which will differ from ratp, providing walking distances, bus connections and the next departures). 
Further, for smartphone owners it is recommended to install the "Visit Paris by Metro" app from ratp and download the offline maps. It works without internet connection just using your phone's GPS!
4. Accommodation in Paris
In general, hotels are very expensive and the meeting location is in a very popular area. It might be cheaper to share rooms and/or to find private rentals via various platforms. 
A small note: Many of the beautiful old houses do not yet have elevators, so if you book a place high up (say, 5th floor), do make sure it mentions an elevator in the description, because only then it is guaranteed to be there. 

A list of hotels near the lab has been collected here:
This hostel is very close to the lab:
map of hostels (far away from the location) in Paris:
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